My name is Alberto Riva. I graduated in geological sciences in 2001 and I got a PhD in Earth Sciences in 2005.

Since the, I worked at the same time in the academia, also teaching some courses as adjunct professor, and as energy consultant for the oil & gas and deep geothermal industries.

Now I am Senior Research Fellow at the University of Ferrara on subsurface modeling and also a freelance consultant. Carbonate geologist as background, karst specialist, I progressively evolved as a geoscientist, dealing with data integration of geological and geophysical data for subsurface modeling, from the thin section to 3d static geomodels. I worked on various carbonate reservoirs (development) and regional projects (exploration) in different countries, mostly in thrust belts. 

I am also a certified A1/A3 and A2 drone pilot, using it mostly for photogrammetry and building of virtual outcrops.

Leader in several field trips and lead instructor for courses organized for oil companies and professional associations in Southern Italy and the Dolomites (e.g. AAPG, Nautilus M235a) focusing on carbonate platform geometries, sequence stratigraphy in carbonates, on fractured/complex carbonates reservoirs and basin analysis/modelling.

I have a strong regional geology background developed after dealing with projects involving Italy, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Austria, France, Poland, Malta, Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Venezuela, Tunisia, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iraq (focusing on Kurdistan), Mauritania (Taoudenni Basin) and Kazakhstan (Precaspian Basin).

If you need more informations, just drop me an .